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Animation d'un montage d'ensemble mécanique


Distributed by  Mindustry,  is an augmented reality solution for effective technical training and simplified transmission of maintenance information.

Easy, fast and efficient methodology:

  • Use of 3D CAD model

  • Fast production of an animated synoptic describing the operations to be carried out

  • Accessible from a tablet or smartphone

  • Creation of animated assembly/disassembly routines for team training purposes

  • Creation and transmission of level 1 -2 maintenance tutorials for use by customers, even on the other side of the world

Animation réalisée par Hugo Falarz -

More information :

computer programming

A software

Our software is a real back-office. It lets you manage access and maintenance activities. There's no installation required, just connect to any web browser.

Augmented reality

An application

Our application lets you project the assembly and disassembly animations you've created in the software into your real environment. Usable in Augmented Reality for compatible devices and in VR for all devices.

Hardware Technician

The technician

This is the keystone of our solution. ARVeesio was designed by technicians for technicians. Our solution doesn't replace the human being, it enhances his or her ability to act.

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